Solar Inverters In The Home

Using solar inverters in the home is one of the best ways be free of Eskom FOREVER!

Do you know what a solar inverter is?  Or how this technology actually works in the home?  In this article we aim to educate and inspire as we present our solution to a clean energy source in the home.

Solar Energy

solar inverters green housing house plans house for sale pretoria
Solar Panel On Roof And Coins In Hand

The sun is a life giving force and, sadly, in South Africa, we are not using solar energy to its full potential.  We are all paying the price for Eskom’s reliance on fossil fuel – coal.

We present an alternative – our solar inverter.

Solar conversion enables a home to have access to free energy possibilities in the future. The aim is to make life easier and to save money.

green housing solar inverter house plans house for sale pretoria
Solar Energy

Energy Storage Systems

By using Energy Storage Systems(ESS), households can save energy generated from solar panels to use at times when electricity prices are high or there is a power-cut.

Furthermore, Energy Storage Systems(ESS) make it possible to be completely independent from the grid.

The Alpha –ESS  Home Series Energy Storage System is a storage and battery management system all in one.  Our equipment is able to communicate with other systems for efficient estate management.  One of the features of smart homes is to have a comprehensive energy saving solution in place and our solar inverters play a big role in this.

What Makes Our Solar InvertersThe Best In The Market

  • Latest technology
  • Takes up less space and has an elegant and pleasing design
  • All in one piece of equipment
  • Lithium battery can be refurbished
  • Offers a maintenance free solution for a minimun of 10 years
  • Can be refurbished up to 10 times during its lifetime
solar inverters green housing house plans house for sale pretoria
Latest Solar Inverter Technology

Alpha-ESS International Awards

We are proud to bring this piece of tech to the local SA market.  This particular inverter has won the prestigious Red Dot Design award.  This is an international design competion for product design, communication design and design concepts.  Our Alpha ESS won in 2018.

green housing solar inverter house plans house for sale pretoria
Alpha-ESS Home Series Solar Inverter

Greenhill Estate, Waterkloof Heights Pretoria

Our solar inverter technology is available as an optional extra in Greenhill Estate. We have finance in place for individual home owners looking for an immediate solution to reducing energy costs.  We have finance house approval for our home owners to finance solar inverters over a 16 month period.

At R4000 / month we are offering the public an immediate cutting edge solution. This means an end to load shedding woes and gets rid of the need to use fuel hungry and environmentally damaging generators.

homes for sale in pretoria east houses for sale
Greenhill Estate, Waterkloof Heights, Pretoria East

Our Solar Conversion Process

At The Green Housing Co we are committed to building homes that are as environmentally responsible as possible.  For existing homeowners, we provide a solar conversion service.  This is what we can do for you.

  • Site location and evaluation
  • Energy Utilisation Evaluation
  • Consumption User Profile
  • PV Panel Design
  • Design Structures
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • System Architecture
  • System Management and Monitoring
  • Green Energy Audit
  • Detailed Quotation

Benefits Of Using Solar Energy In The Home

  • Keep the lights on for safety
  • Your security systems and electric fence continue working through power cuts
  • No damage to devices due to power surges
  • No dirty power
  • Best of all – Solar is a renewable power source