The Green Housing Company is a forward-thinking organisation that allows for you to save money, whilst creating a sustainable environment. Our extensive experience in the construction industry have allowed for us to consult in areas of land development, housing design, renovations and upgrades. Today we are the leaders in intelligent housing.

Sustainable Living, Quality Life…

Embracing the concept of green housing offers many advantages for smart homeowners and forward-thinking property developers. The Green Housing Company provides affordable solutions that will save you money while entrenching a sustainable future. With modern convenience, personal style and futuristic design, our solutions can protect you from unreliable municipal services without you ever being negatively impacted by power blackouts, water cuts and ever-increasing household bills. With years of valuable experience in the local construction industry, we are able to assist with land development, housing design, construction, renovations and upgrades.

Our Letter to Eskom

We have invited Eskom to meet with us and discuss alternative power sources. View the letter by clicking here.