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 As a proudly South African company, we appreciate the difference that the construction industry can make to nation building. By building quality homes, state-of-the-art retail outlets, energy-efficient schools and more environmentally-friendly industries, we are committed to promoting growth and development. We invest heavily in training, both on-the-job in our building projects and in local communities where good building skills are a much-needed asset.

Having worked in construction for over two decades and through pioneering green building concepts in South Africa, we are keen to upskill people so that more and more energy-efficient homes and businesses can be created on a sustainable basis. We provide a range of skills development and training opportunities, including the following:

Skills Development Training

With a dire shortage of skills in the workplace, particularly in the construction industry , we assist people to learn practical skills that enable them to hold down good jobs in our sector of the economy. We help out in various specialist areas, including building construction, green building innovation, solar system installation, plumbing, electrical work, glazing and energy-efficient insulation products.

Business Development

Having survived and thrived in the local construction industry, we understand first-hand the intricacies of running a business. As pioneers in green housing construction and related services, we have a wealth of knowledge and skills to share. We are committed to the continued growth and success of South Africa and support talented individuals and business entrepreneurs to develop vital business skills in order to establish and run sustainable business ventures.

Franchise Development

Eco-friendly construction and energy-efficient living are growing trends that are set to replace traditional building methods fairly quickly. This is due to greater legislative and regulatory requirements for building, as well as an inability on the part of public utilities to provide reliable energy supplies. It’s also being driven by consumers’ need to cut their carbon footprint and their basic living expenses. The Green Housing Company offers potential business franchisees a great opportunity to roll out our vision of green housing across South Africa. With shared skills, business acumen and advice on bank financing options, we are happy to assist start-up business ventures to share our vision of a greener and more sustainable future.

Women Empowerment Programmes

The construction industry has taken a leadership position in terms of women empowerment in South Africa, supporting women in rural and urban areas to make a real difference when it comes to building houses and communities.

The Green Housing Company has contributed to this trend and will continue to help women learn vital building and business management skills. Our hands-on training equips women with practical knowledge and insight and offers them an ongoing support network to continue to learn and grow.

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