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Many people would love to ‘go green’ but are put off believing that the costs are simply too prohibitive, especially if you are upgrading or renovating an existing property. The Greenhousing Company can assist you with costing estimates and financial plans that illustrate long-term savings and the real return you’ll enjoy from your investment.

Green housing is our game and we assure clients of trusted and successful projects that produce great results, both from a lifestyle and a financial perspective. We can help you get more bang from your bucks with the following solutions:

 We offer the following Land and Property Development Services:

Solar Energy Projects

South Africa enjoys more than 2 500 hours of sunshine every year – and energy from the sun is absolutely free! Even on overcast and winter days, our climate provides enough sunshine to generate a constant supply of solar energy. From advice to installation, The Greenhousing Company can transform you lifestyle with reliable, efficient and cost-effective solar energy solutions for water heating, for small electrical appliances, for energy storage and for solar battery back-up and we offer finance on these systems which makes it easier on the pocket.

Greenfield Development

Building from scratch on undeveloped land provides the ideal opportunity to do things right from the outset. The Greenhousing Company assists clients with land choice, planning, design, construction, interior décor and garden landscaping. With our knowledge of efficient green technology and energy-saving solutions, we can help you unlock your land development potential and create a sustainable quality lifestyle.

Construction Project Management

With over two decades of experience in the local construction industry, we have the skills, insight and know-how to manage building projects successfully. Our turnaround times are fast and reliable and we ensure quality services and attention to detail, in line with your budget. We can build quality homes that are highly energy-efficient in as little as six to eight weeks ( design and intricacy dependant )


Whether your taste is for a conventional home or a more modern and futuristic design, The Green Housing Company can tailor your home design to suit your taste, your vision, your budget and your lifestyle. Regardless of the style you choose ( except thatch ), you can be guaranteed of a dream green home that is welcoming, cosy, comfortable and energy-efficient. Our house designs will cater for all of your housing needs while helping you to reduce your cost of living by conserving energy and resources.

Make your dream home a reality with our green house designs, which encompass the following:

Architectural designs

We cater to a wide variety of tastes, designing homes that serve their function well, with style, comfort and innovation. Homes can be designed based on conventional, traditional, organic and rounded styles. Materials will include double-glazed glass, high-tech insulated concrete and polystyrene walls, recycled plastic and natural stone or wood. Our architectural designs centre on smart and visionary functionality, for homes, apartments, housing estates, offices, schools and retail facilities.

Contemporary house


Contemporary homes represent current design trends towards sleek, clean and simple lines. Homes can feature open floor plans, large indoor and outdoor living spaces, oversized windows, double-volume rooms and a mixture of glass, concrete, wood and natural stone. Roofs can be flat, shallow pitched or angular, with large overhangs. Design features can include large wooden sliding shutters, for effective security as well as optimal natural heating and cooling. Interior designs incorporate eco-friendly finishes, smart technology and energy-efficient appliances.

Modern house


Modern architecture makes use of simple and logical design, using lots of natural light and open spaces. Our house designs can tend towards a modern farmhouse look, a user-friendly beach house, a contemporary style or a highly-sophisticated and state-of-the art technologically-inspired look. Designs are stylish and functional, inspiring low-maintenance objectives.

Green house designs

Our green homes embody the best in terms of sustainable architecture. Where possible we make use of natural and recycled materials as well as active or passive concepts, such as solar power for heating and natural cooling in your living spaces. Reduce your carbon footprint and tread lightly on the earth with our eco-friendly designs.


Say Goodbye to Utility Woes…

As well as reducing your electricity and water usage significantly, The Green Housing Company can equip you to be completely independent of public infrastructure and energy suppliers. Living off the grid means you don’t need to be inconvenienced with power blackouts, water cuts and poor water quality. And, with more than enough solar energy freely available to you – even in winter months – you can sustain your green way of living with only minor adjustments to your lifestyle.

Solar energy comes from the sun and can used for all lighting, electricity production to sustain the entire home. Electricity can be produced directly from sunshine using photovoltaic (PV) cells. By harnessing solar power in state of the art battery systems, we can set you up to get off the grid completely or just minimise your dependence on traditional energy sources. Using the latest technology and innovation, The Green Housing Company provides a full range of solar energy systems to take care of your every need.

Our solar services can be tailored to suit various sizes of homes, offices and schools, small or large. Our solar energy solutions include the following:

  • Solar power panels, charge controllers, storage batteries, inverters and surge protectors
  • Solar energy systems for water heating and solar geysers
  • Solar power generation for all electrical and electronic household appliances (TVs, DVDs, cell phone chargers, laptops, printers, computers, gaming and lamps)
  • Solar energy equipment for swimming pool heating and maintenance
  • Solar powered gate automation, security surveillance and access control
  • Solar powered lights
  • Solar generated irrigation systems
  • Convenient, reliable and cost-effective renewable energy supply

Advantages of Solar Power

  • Sustainable energy source
  • Renewable source of energy
  • Silent producer of energy
  • Free from source – the sun
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Highly efficient
  • Cost-effective

Partner with us to move away from conventional energy sources and become less exposed to rising utility costs. We offer sustainable and decentralised green living solutions without you having to sacrifice convenience or comfort. Contact us for more information about our solar power services.


Let it Rain!

Water is a precious resource that’s essential to life. The Green Housing Company can help you reduce your carbon footprint and protect yourself against water shortages as well as contaminated water supplies from public utilities. This is achieved through a combination of green landscaping and water harvesting solutions. Our services include the following:

  • Creating low-maintenance indigenous gardens that are water efficient
  • Creating evergreen and waterless gardens
  • Creating visually-appealing gardens that include artificial lawns, trees and flowers
  • Rain water harvesting, using stored water for:
  • Swimming pools
  • Garden irrigation
  • Grey water recycling for domestic use
  • Black water recycling for sewerage management and water purification
  • Municipal water supply back-up

We make it easy to change your water consumption habits and become more water-wise. Our services are comprehensive and include piping, tanks, pumps, filters, labour, garden products and installation.


Eco-Friendly Living at its Best

The benefit of living in a global community, where technological innovation is a way of life, is that we can tap into tried and tested solutions and adapt these successfully to the South African climate. The Green Housing Company creates homes and buildings that are comfortable, stylish and energy-efficient. We can engineer the right solution for you by using the optimal mix of building materials, which can include the following:

  • Aerated foundations insulated against thermal transfer
  • UPC window and door frames and walls constructed with high-density polystyrene as the insulator and concrete in-fill ( 500% stronger , 500% more insulated and twice as acoustically sound than traditional brick walling )
  • Double glazing windows and doors, to keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter (no need for aircon or heating)
  • State of the art ceiling insulation, made from recycled plastic (hyper-allergenic, protects against heat, cold, dust, insects, rodents etc.)
  • Roof materials in a variety of finishes and colours (excluding thatching)
  • Retrofit energy-efficient lighting
  • Solar-powered electrical plugs (with solar battery or on- grid back-up capacity)
  • Quality finishes, aesthetically appealing designs and high-end styling


Eco-Friendly Living at its Best

Homes in South Africa are often badly designed, poorly insulated and not well thought out. These problems can be solved with a Green Housing Company retrofit. We use our knowledge, innovation and skills to add new technology and change a home’s features to make it more energy-efficient, green and sustainable. Our approach is flexible, so we can work with what you’ve got and what you can afford and we offer finance solutions which make our solutions immediately applicable.

Our approach leads to a sharp reduction in your running costs in the long-term, offsetting initial layout and installation costs. Your reliance on electrical goods such as electric heaters, fans and air conditioners is sharply reduced, replaced with more cost-effective options. A key benefit is that your lifestyle is enhanced, with minimal inconvenience.
With significant advances in technology, trends and equipment, we provide the optimal range of solutions in line with your budget. We will also manage the upgrade installations well through quality workmanship, astute project management, a fast turnaround and a happy handover. Out retrofit interior designs and products include the following:

  • New energy sources in your home or office, such as solar and gas
  • Smart systems, with solar-generated power and solar-powered back-up
  • Energy-efficient lighting, cooling and heating
  • Replacement of dated electrical appliances with new technology (like gas cookers, gas ovens, gas braais, gas heaters, low-energy refrigeration, ceiling fans, etc.)
  • Installation of double-glazed windows and doors
  • Ceiling insulation
  • Low-energy security systems and access control (can be solar-powered)
  • Eco-friendly flooring, paint and furniture
  • Innovative soft décor and design consulting services

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