Land Development

Building for the Future

Land development in South Africa can be highly complex, involving legislative requirements, municipal clearance, local government regulations and lengthy delays if you don’t know what you’re doing! With years of experience in land development and construction, The Green Housing Company has a tight grip on land development issues. Also, with good building skills and industry insight, we can provide meaningful advisory services and feasibility studies to clients wanting to develop an area of land, urban or rural.

We offer the following land and property development services:

  • Consulting services for land development and property development
  • Property market analysis
  • Land use advice and land acquisition opportunities
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk analysis
  • Geotechnical evaluation
  • Environmental considerations for sustainability
  • Financing options for land and property development
  • Knowledge of town planning ordinances
  • Municipal regulatory requirements
  • Policy frameworks
  • Barriers to development
  • Land rezoning applications
  • Design trends and innovations
  • Public engagement
  • Product design , individual product customisation & building plan submissions

Contact us to discuss your land development ideas.

We’ll help you understand what’s feasible, what’s possible and what’s optimal and whats NOT !