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The Green Housing Company – Our Story

-4TH NOV 2019-

The Green Housing Company is a Gauteng-based building and property development company. Our Speciality We build highly-insulated and energy-efficient homes for both the high end luxury property market as well as the low cost housing sector.

Types Of Buildings We work across a spectrum of markets including domestic and commercial buildings:

 low-cost affordable housing off-grid…

Solar Inverters In The Home

-21ST OCT 2019-

Spekboom – also known as Pork Bush or Elephant’s Food is an indigenous evergreen. This environmental miracle worker absorbs harmful carbon emissions from the air like no other plant can. Indigenous to South Africa This little plant – native to the Karoo region of South Africa – is an environmental miracle worker! This succulent tree is…

Spekboom – Nature’s Miracle Worker

-15TH OCT 2019-

Using solar inverters in the home is one of the best ways be free of Eskom FOREVER! Do you know what a solar inverter is? Or how this technology actually works in the home? In this article we aim to educate and inspire as we present our solution to a clean energy source in the home. Solar…

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With Modern Convenience, Personal Style & Futuristic Design,

 Our solutions can protect you from unreliable municipal services without you ever being negatively impacted by power blackouts, water cuts and ever-increasing household bills.

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