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With a skilled team of building professionals and artisans, The Greenhousing Company assists clients to maintain green solutions so that they continue to function well and operate efficiently. We are also able to advise clients on the best ways to introduce green construction and technology to existing properties during building renovations and extensions.

We are a cost-conscious business and are committed to providing value-for-money services. When it comes to eco-friendly living solutions, we offer advice, feasibility research and practical roll-out of green technology. Whether it’s the building of a new home or development of multi housing , solar heating solution, electricity storage or rain water harvesting, we can provide good and honest services, thoroughly , quickly and reliably.

We have a dense business model and can engineer a green solution for any client. We can also assist with documentation and specifications to help clients attain bank finance for their property development initiatives.

One thing we pride ourselves on is our ability to manage construction projects well. We do good quality work so that the ultimate snag list is short and can be addressed to everyone’s satisfaction. We also work effectively , in line with tight production deadlines, so that our time on site is limited and so that our clients aren’t majorly inconvenienced or hassled by unnecessary delays.

Contact us to talk about your planned property renovations.

We’ll help you switch on to a more energy-efficient way of life and a healthier lifestyle.

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